domingo, 4 de diciembre de 2011

9:25pm dom 27 2011 Noviembre

I come back from Muenster, and as ridiculous as it might sound I feel like writing in English. It’s been long since I really held an important conversation in Spanish and every day interaction, as well as stupid thoughts in my mind run in English all the time. Muenster was so beautiful, the whole experience, the girls. I feel so lucky, so grateful. What I pictured my life to be like when I was just arriving here, and what it is now is 360º different, having the friends that I made has changed and overpasses any expectation I may have had. Its amazing how much human beings long for love bonds, and now when I was coming back “home” thinking about México and how much I miss it, and how really truly far away I am from everything I have grown with, I fell happy, I feel strange sharing my life so intimately so closely and so happily with this 3 amazing girls. It feels so good to have met you.

I’m tired, a little exhausted, but wanted to tell everyone about my weekend, about Judith’s family and how good it fell to be with them, about her Grandma which is so cool and sweet, about all the delicious, delicious food we ate oooo good!! I will rest now, but write soon.

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